2021 in 10 minutes!

2021 in 10 minutes!

The "Greece 2021" Committee chose to comprise the final report of its work with a 10-minute-long documentary titled "Looking Ahead."

The documentary presents everything that happened during the anniversary year, which comes to an end in a few days: establishing and staffing the Committee, developing a sponsorship program that would secure the needed resources for implementing its work, as well as the projects and events that occurred throughout Greece and abroad.

The Committee itself designed and implemented projects, such as the documentary "I know you from thine eyes: 200 years of Greece";  the film "Desire for Freedom" simultaneously screening on buildings of 18 cities using the projection mapping technique; the "Great Little Heroes" compilation projecting on hundreds of public screens; a music recollection of Greek songs through the six podcasts organized by Dionysis Savvopoulos; the international Forum "Greece in 2040," and more.

In collaboration with the Ministry of Interior, through the "Antonis Tritsis" program, the "Greece 2021" Committee ensured potential funding with a total amount of € 50,000,000, for those proposals submitted by Local Government Organizations that could be included in the program the Committee coordinated and they addressed development and progress.

 Furthermore, the Committee, responding to the pressing needs created by the extraordinary circumstances of this year, donated 18 portable ICU beds to assist the NHS, supported the Greek doctors' research towards developing an innovative medication against the coronavirus, and participated with significant resources from its Numismatic Programme, in the effort to repair the damage caused by the fires of August.         

At the same time, hundreds of projects and events were carried out under the auspices of the Committee, several of which also obtained its financial support. All these projects and events were fully documented and included in the diary created on the Committee's website, greece2021.gr.

The Committee's last project was to organize the presentation of the research unit "Archimedes" on artificial intelligence, data science, and algorithms, founded at the "Athena" research center. The Committee made a significant effort towards the unit's development since it emphasized its initial ambition for the year 2021  to be more than a year of remembrance and celebration, to become a window that would allow us to look at Greece in the future.