G. Babiniotis about the “Forerunner”

G. Babiniotis about the “Forerunner”

The Committee for the Celebration of 1821 ("Greece 2021") took the initiative to highlight historical and artistic events of The Greek Rebirth with an exquisite series of coins, with the FORERUNNER being the first commemorative medal. I think it is a worthy cause, and I eagerly urge the friends who follow my "Facebook" page to contribute to this effort by acquiring and/or offering as gifts one or more of these commemorative medals. I have already done so.

 Folk painter Theophilos' work, "Greece Reborn," is depicted on the "FORERUNNER." The artwork is painted on cardboard and dates from 1911. It is based on a previous lithograph (approx. from 1840) and depicts Greece both "ancient", and also "Christian," in a long, red robe, standing among ancient ruins. Adamantios Korais and Rigas Velestinlis support Greece with their hands.

Mpampiniotis 2 03122020

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