The objective of the commitee


The objective of the Committee Greece2021, besides the planning of the celebration for the landmark anniversary of 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 1821, is to organize a comprehensive layout of projects and events which will aim at reintroducing Greece, from the beginning of its contemporary history to today, in this course of 200 years. We will highlight the achievements accomplished, more than a few, emphasize our potential, remember the struggles and sufferings that defined our modern era while, at the same time, admit to our faults and shortcomings.


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The first goal of the Committee will be the creation of a Calendar on which we will catalog all the projects and events planned by foundations, universities, local governing bodies, and other institutions. Even in the cases where the Committee has no immediate involvement (since the organizations executing the events will have acquired financing and have established the content on their own), these events will also be part of the overall planning for the bicentennial celebration and will be included in the calendar.

The second goal will be the management by the Assembly of all the proposals submitted to the Committee by the organizations and individuals who wish to participate in the events. The proposals will be submitted through the electronic platform, which has been developed, and they will be evaluated by the members of the Assembly. The compatibility of the proposals with the four pillars of the general plan and their adaptability will be taken into consideration for the final decisions.

The third and most important goal of the Assembly will be to devise projects and propose them to the appropriate organizations for implementation. The goal is to draw as many organizations as possible into the Program Greece 2021 to “show respect to our history, honor our people, explore and highlight our country, and plan our future. “

To achieve this goal, the Committee has significant assets. Firstly, the board members of the Assembly guarantee the quality of the proposal development. Secondly, the Committee itself has a strong intention to involve every community, no matter how remote, without deviating from the outline of the four pillars. Lastly, the Committee is authorized to act on behalf of the Greek state and create a positive momentum within the Greek society for the celebration of the bicentennial.