2021 as a window of opportunity for the future of Greece


This pillar will include the potential forthcoming force of the country, and it will emphasize the status of Greece, as we envision and desire it, in the following years. The different projects and events will be implemented both locally and abroad and in various forms: scientific conventions, cultural events, commercial exhibitions, and also projects that will create a legacy for the future, like environmental interventions, infrastructure, etc.

“The horizons are knocking at our doors” – Nikiforos Vrettakos

The decisions concerning the future are made today – the future is shaped by how we act in the present. It is our obligation to make our best effort; we need more than empty words. Progress requires effort and knowledge. It involves body and mind. The challenges regarding the future are already present…

Climate change

The temperature is rising and with it our concern for tomorrow’s world. The fight for the protection of the environment has entered a crucial phase…

Sustainable growth

It is the answer not only to the previous challenge but also to our strive for prosperity and progress in any human society…

Peace and international collaboration

Humanity is trying to let go of a violent past. Despite all the positive steps towards the goal, its achievement seems very distant….

4th Industrial Revolution

Robots and artificial intelligence take their first steps on our planet….

The exploration of space…

The journey has begun. A journey that quite possibly will not reach Odysseus’ Ithaca….!