Dear friends
The establishment of the Committee “Greece 2021” of which I am honored to be the President, was implemented by the Prime Minister in order to establish the framework of the projects and events that will be planned and organized in Greece and globally for the celebration of the bicentennial of the 1821 Greek Revolution.

The website of the Committee, which you are visiting, was designed to act interactively. On the one hand, it is a constant source of information, a place where the visitor will search for planned events and projects and remain updated on the Committee and its work.

On the other hand, the site is a “window” through which anyone can submit their proposals to the Committee. These proposals for events and projects will take into consideration not only the historical facts of the Revolution but also the identity of our country, as it was shaped and achieved through a journey of 200 years, the efforts of those Greeks who made their mark on the world and mostly, how we see ourselves in the forthcoming times, how we envision Greece in 2031, 2051, Greece in the future.

Lastly, through our website, anyone has the opportunity to unfold their chosen milestones in Greek history and concentrate on their exceptional Greek woman or exceptional Greek man.

The landmark bicentennial anniversary of the Revolution is our opportunity and our goal to reintroduce Greece to us Greeks and the rest of the world. To show what Greece truly is: a modern state, democratic and contemporary, a country that imposes no discriminations or exclusions, an integral part of the Europe that we always illuminated and by which we were illuminated in return.

We will strive towards this goal together, with confidence and sensibleness. By respecting our history, honoring our people, emphasizing our virtues, identifying our weaknesses and outlining our future.