Visit to Kalamata by a delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021"

Visit to Kalamata by a delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021"

The "pilgrimage" to the cell of the hero of the Revolution of 1821, Grigorios Dikaios Papaflessas at the Holy Monastery of Velanidia, was the highlight of the visit of the delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021" to the city of Kalamata. The delegation consisted of the President of the Committee Gianna Aggelopoulou-Daskalaki, and the members of the Committee professors Panagiotis Roilos, Napoleon Maraveyas, and Despoina Mouzaki.

 The cell of Papaflessas opened its doors to the public last year, after extensive restoration work. At the Monastery, during major holidays, both the Greek flag and the Revolution Banner are raised. The Committee delegation had the opportunity to discuss with Archimandrite Christophoros; He informed them of the Monastery's intention to organize events dedicated to the Bicentennial of the Revolution. The Committee delegation invited him to incorporate these events to the Committee's public national calendar for the celebration.

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"Mr. Mayor, I wish that, after many years, a seal will exist, documenting how, in 2021, on the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution, the Mayor did extraordinary things for his city and its people" the President of the Committee emphasized during the meeting with Mayor Thanasis Vasilopoulos at Kalamata's City Hall. "We, the Municipality of Kalamata, prepare for the anniversary events. We collaborate with the State, the Church, the University," Mr. Vasilopoulos pointed out. He referred to one of the Municipality's projects, funded by ESPA, titled "Kalamata 2021, Freedom Roads." The project concerns the study and promotion of significant local parameters of the 1821 era and their link with the present. The project also includes the creation of digital multimedia applications that will evoke memories and images of the city regarding 1821, in an interactive, educational, and informative way.

 "Kalamata has a great history and creative people. It is the "Marseille of Moreas." And all of us at the Committee "Greece 2021" are working towards those anniversary projects that will raise Kalamata even higher" the President of the Committee "Greece 2021", said.

 The Mayor presented the President of the Committee with gifts; a copy of the declaration "Warning towards the European Courts" which was published in 1821 by the Messinian Senate and was addressed to the European public opinion, and a copy of the seal of the first Municipality of Kalamata of 1830. Local groups offered a variety of local products to the delegation members.

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Afterward, the delegation of the Committee visited the Museum of Traditional Costume, where the "Victoria G. Karelia" collection of Greek traditional costumes is housed. The delegation took a tour of the museum under the guidance of Mrs. Vicky Karelia, a founding member of the Museum and President of the Tobacco Company and the Foundation by the same name. "I have rarely seen the work that Mrs. Karelia and her colleagues are doing here. They preserve treasures and unique items from the city's past and exhibit them exceptionally. This honors her, her family and her city, and we, at the Committee "Greece 2021," enjoy seeing projects like this that bring forward the unique and timeless quality of Greek art," the President of the Committee mentioned after the visit. The delegation also visited the Kalamata Dance Megaron where they were welcomed by Pantelis Drougas, the President of the Public Benefit Company of the Municipality of Kalamata "Faris" and were offered a tour by Panagiotis Lamprinidis, Director of the Fine Arts Workshop, and Stathis Gyftakis, Director of the Municipal Conservatory.

 It is noted that on Monday, June 22, a delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021" will visit the Municipality of Rigas Feraios and the city of Lamia.