Visit to Lamia by a delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021"

Visit to Lamia by a delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021"

• The delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021" paid tribute to the cenotaph of the hero of the Revolution, Athanasios Diakos
• Gianna Aggelopoulou-Daskalaki: We discussed with the Municipality and the Region proposals that originate in the history of the area but look toward the future.

The delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021" visited the site of martyrdom of Athanasios Diakos, where a cenotaph erected in his honor and a marble cross are found today and paid tribute to the great hero of the Revolution of 1821. "From the land of Athanasios Diakos, with the cenotaph that causes us shivers, from the land of the hero whom Kostis Palamas described as a symbol of sacrifice and love for freedom, a symbol of bravery and heroism, the Municipality submitted a proposal for anniversary events that originate in the history of the region but look toward the future," said Committee President Gianna Aggelopoulou-Daskalaki, during the visit the Committee delegation made to Lamia. The delegation consisted of the members of the Assembly: former Director of the Ethnological Center of the Academy of Athens, AikateriniPolymerou-Kamilaki, professor DespoinaMouzaki, painter Giorgos Rorris, professor Nikos Alivizatos, and professor Nikos Kanellopoulos.

The Committee delegation initially met with the Regional Governor of Central Greece, Mr. Fanis Spanos, with whom they discussed a series of proposals that the Region intends to develop and submit to commemorate the bicentennial of the Greek Revolution. Among those proposals is to organize a focal musical event, a "Contemporary Oratorio for Rebirth," with composer Dimitris Maramis, to hold a scientific workshop for the analysis and presentation of issues related to the four pillars that the Committee has placed at the heart of its work, the issue of a commemorative anniversary collectible stamp by ELTA and, finally, to hold competitions for students in the Region and mobilize the new generation.

"After discussing our proposals with the President of the Committee and her colleagues, we left the table wiser, more optimistic and stronger. And this happened because we saw that a national effort takes place, one that has a huge momentum and a historical, scientific and cultural depth. An effort that honors the past, illuminates and highlights the future. We are in Central Greece, a place with enormous historical wealth from the Greek Revolution, the place of Thermopylae, Delphi, Eretria and Orchomenos, an area whose every corner is profoundly filled with history and teachings. In this place, we set out to plan a series of events that will illuminate the historical message, honor the Greek Revolution, look toward the future," said the Regional Governor.

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"We have completed a very interesting meeting in the Region of Central Greece and we are leaving rejuvenated, as if we have dived into a font of fresh interest for this place. Through their proposals, they exhibit ideas for a different kind of tourism, they propose a brilliantcombination of nature and culture and for all this I am truly happy. Many of these proposals will be uploaded on the platform of the website "Greece 2021" because our goal is to promote all the projects proposed to us from all over Greece. I am glad that you are looking toward the future and for that I thank you very much," the President of the Committee said after the meeting.

The Committee delegation then met with Mayor EfthimiosKaraiskos at the Town Hall of Lamia. The proposal submitted by the Municipality of Lamia was discussed; it concerns the promotion of the historical surplus-value of the Prefecture of Fthiotida through utilizing innovative tools of interaction and advising in the intellectual and emotional involvement of the public in the historical know-how of both Lamia and all the regions that participated and contributed decisively to the Greek Revolution.

"Our land is marked with great sacrifices and heroic moments. It starts at Thermopylae and reaches as far as Alamana and Gorgopotamos. As the Municipality of Lamia, we carry a heavy duty, to organize anniversary events that will be worthy of the history of our land. We have an obligation to highlight the landmarks of our region that are linked to these historical events, highlight them and hand them over to our citizens, together with their history. To this end, our collaboration with the Committee is imperative and decisive.
We are looking forward to your help. It was a special honor for us to welcome you here", stressed Mayor Karaiskos. He also mentioned the Municipality's intent to connect the historical landmarks of the area.

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For his part, the Member of the Assembly of the Committee, Mr. Kanellopoulos, underlined the importance of the Committee's 'Window to the Future' pillar, in using new technologies that will create added value to the region, while the Member of the Assembly, Mr. Rorris, stressed that the Committee's goal is to give each area the opportunity to celebrate the significant event of the bicentennial.

"We stand in a land of sacrifice. Alamana, Gorgopotamos, Thermopylae. A source of wealth and folk tradition, which has pioneering human resources," said the Assembly member Mrs.Mouzaki, while Assembly member Mrs.Kamilaki pointed out that "the 200th anniversary is an opportunity to redefine ourselves, look at ourselves in the mirror and find out who we are and if we can become better". Finally, the Member of the Assembly, Mr. Alivizatos, said that a component of a peoples' maturity is when they can assimilate their history and move forward.