Visit to Corinth by a delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021"

Visit to Corinth by a delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021"

  • The initial founding decisions after the Nation’s revolt were made in Corinth
  • Productive discussion of local community organizations and representatives for the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Revolution of 1821
  • Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki: The heroes of the battle of Dervenakia reveal the path of bravery, solidarity and unity

A delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021", consisted of Committee President Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki and the Member of the Committee's Assembly, Professor Despoina Mouzaki, visited a region that symbolizes persistence and perseverance in its rebirth, a place with solid people who stood strong against terrible difficulties and adversities.

In the region of Corinth, a unique point of reference for the Greek Revolution, great battles were fought, such as the Battle of Dervenakia, but also the initial founding decisions of the revolted Nation were made, such as the creation of the first Mint, the first National Printing House, the first court houses.

"It was here that people like Theodoros Kolokotronis uplifted the revolutionaries' spirit with the triumphant victory in Dervenakia. Today, all the Greeks going through a similar but hopefully temporary difficulty, are reminded of something fundamental by these heroes. That bravery, love for one another, and our country, the torch of freedom, are essentially the beacons for the endurance of the Greek state," said Committee President Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki, in front of Theodoros Kolokotronis' statue in Dervenakia. She added: "In 2021, we are not only celebrating the fact that Greece is a modern, dynamic and free state. We celebrate our decision to move forward, carrying the same principles. United, we look reflectively at the past, we learn lessons from the battles that have been fought here, and we move confidently into the future."

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Discussion on the present and the future

The Committee delegation was welcomed at the town hall of Corinth by Mayor Vassilis Nanopoulos, and an extremely productive discussion followed at the Hall of the Municipal Council on the proposals of the Municipalities of the Prefecture of Corinth regarding the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution and issues concerning the progress and development of the local community.

The meeting attended the Deputy Minister of Environment and Energy, Nikolaos Tagaras, the Member of Parliament for Corinth Marilena Soukouli-Viliali, the Mayor of Sikyonion Spyros Stamatopoulos, the Mayor of Velos-Vohas Annivas Papakyriakou, the Mayor of Nemea Konstantinos Frousios, officials of the Municipal Authority of Corinth such as the Deputy Mayor of Technical Services Georgios Pouros, the representative of the Holy Metropolis of Corinth, Bishop Agapios, representatives of productive and cultural organizations, trade associations, chambers of the region as well as members of various professional branches.

During the meeting, the President of the Committee stressed the importance of the presence and active participation of all the dynamic forces of the region in the discussion, which she said is an "undeniable proof of unity," through which a modern patriotism arises and sets an example for others to use. She also stressed the significance of the proposals for the 200th anniversary of the Revolution submitted by both the Municipality of Corinth and the other Municipalities of the Prefecture, which demonstrate a society that focuses on the future. It is noted that the Municipalities of the Prefecture of Corinth have submitted a total of 11 proposals for the celebration of the anniversary.

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"Land of inspiration"

"Representatives from the entire Prefecture of Corinth had the opportunity to discuss the events that will take place next year. Events to honor and commemorate the fighters of 1821 who offered their lives and property into the fight for our freedom, nation, and the ability to envision the future," said the Mayor of Corinth. In statements after the meeting, Deputy Minister Nikolaos Tagaras stressed that 2021 is an opportunity to evaluate what the Greeks have been through, successes but also mistakes and oversights. This will contribute toward an effective reaction to the challenges of the future. Speaking about the 200th anniversary, MP Marilena Soukoula-Viliali emphasized Corinth's contribution to the revolted Greeks' struggle. "It's with great pleasure that we will highlight it in 2021," she said.

"Corinth is a place of continuous inspiration," said the Member of the Assembly of the Committee "Greece 2021" Despoina Mouzaki, underlining that the proposals submitted by the Municipalities of the Prefecture for the 200th anniversary open a window into the future.