Visit to Kastellorizo by a delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021"

Visit to Kastellorizo by a delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021"

 • The pulse of the 200th anniversary will beat strongly at the remote frontier island of Kastellorizo, sending a message of modern patriotism.

• Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki: Kastellorizo is a symbol of feistiness, defiant morale and endurance.

• Kastellorizo's proposals for the 200th anniversary of the Revolution summarizes the desired content of the anniversary program.

The Committee "Greece 2021" sent a strong message, that in Kastellorizo, at the easternmost end of Greece, the Revolution's bicentennial's pulse will beat strongly, highlighting the modern patriotism and the unity of a powerful and confident country. In this small colorful rock with the "Maximum" history (Megisti is the proper name of the island, which means maximum in Greek), with the proud people, who personify an example of perseverance and unyielding stamina, the Committee delegation paid tribute to the defenders of the borders of our country.

"On behalf of the Committee's "Greece 2021" delegation, I would like to say that, for us, the visit to Kastellorizo is primarily the fulfillment of the utmost debt. National debt to this symbol of feistiness, defiant morale, and endurance called Megisti, an island that has suffered a great deal recently," said Committee President Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki. The Committee delegation that visited the historic island also included the Assembly members, Professors Nikos Alivizatos, Giannis Voulgaris, Nikos Kanellopoulos, Paschalis Kitromilidis, and Despoina Mouzaki.

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Kastellorizo, through the past toward the future

During the visit, the President and the Members of the Committee placed flowers on the Monument of the Unknown Soldier and emphasized various features of the fascinating course of the island through the centuries. Starting with the prehistoric period and through to 1821 and the significant contribution of the natives of Kastellorizo to the Revolution, when they threw themselves into battle, offering their ships and their naval expertise to the Struggle. Furthermore, they mentioned the difficulties the island faced during the turbulent 20th century and the heroic figure of the "Lady of Ro," the woman who, every morning over 40 years, raised the Greek flag on the small island of Ro.

The Committee delegation had a meeting with the Mayor of Megisti George Sampsakos and representatives of the local community where they discussed the proposals the Municipality has submitted to the Committee platform for the bicentennial of the Revolution. As the delegation unanimously pointed out, these proposals reflect in an exemplary manner, the philosophy that should permeate the anniversary program, according to the Committee's wishes. They use the past to produce high-quality cultural material, such as the proposal to hold a Festival for the 200 years. At the same time, other proposals leave a legacy for the future, a legacy that will contribute to the development that this unique place so desperately needs, such as the creation of a cultural conference center, the installation of a photovoltaic system for the lighting in the historical path of Ai Giorgis, the energy self-sufficiency of the small island of Ai Giorgis, the illumination of the port of Mantraki and the construction of an outdoor athletic center.

In his speech, the Mayor welcomed, on behalf of the inhabitants of Kastellorizo, the Committee delegation and asked for their support in the implementation of the proposals that, as he said, will improve the lives of the inhabitants of the island.

"Kastellorizo is associated with progress and wellbeing. It makes us proud. And today, I would like to express our admiration toward the Municipality and the people of Kastellorizo and thank them because the proposals they have submitted summarizes the desired content for the anniversary program. The least we can do is help, in any way we can, to make these projects a reality. You highlight your past, respect your people who have made sacrifices, look toward the future of your area and its development. This is the essence of the anniversary," said Mrs. Angelopoulos, in response to the Mayor's greeting to the Committee.

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"We're here to tell you you're not isolated"

With great admiration and sentiment for the island, the Assembly members expressed the solidarity and support of the Committee. "We came as the Committee "Greece 2021" to tell you that you are not isolated. That the entirety of Greece expresses solidarity to you," said Giannis Voulgaris. He added that "Kastellorizo symbolizes the equilibrium we must maintain in celebrating the bicentennial. Patriotism, peaceful coexistence, friendship, and confidence in our historical journey will allow us to move forward in the future." Referring to the history of Megisti, and in particular, to the fact that at the beginning of the 20th century its inhabitants had developed significant commercial activity throughout the Eastern Mediterranean, Nikos Alivizatos stressed that "if we work together and work with a plan, we can achieve many great things." For his part, Paschalis Kitromilidis stressed that Kastellorizo is not only the endpoint of the Greek domain but also "an islet on which a part of the Hellenism of Asia Minor survives in its ancestral homeland."

Finally, both Nikos Kanellopoulos, who spoke of sustainable proposals that would bring economic benefits to the island, and Despoina Mouzaki, centered on the extremely important proposals submitted by the Municipality. "I see in your proposals the measure, the ancient Greek measure, and this is very important to us," noted Mrs. Mouzaki and underlined that Kastellorizo is a place that inspires not only because of its past but also because it addresses its future with dignity and strength.

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Invitation for actions on a pragmatic reinforcement of the island

The discussion was also attended by the President of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Ioannis Hatzitheodosiou, the President of GSEVEE and Member of the Administrative Committee of the Athens Chamber of Commerce, Georgios Kavvathas, and the President of the Dodecanese Chamber, Ioannis Pappou. Mr. Hatzitheodosiou informed the Committee "Greece 2021" of specific efforts made during this challenging period by the Chambers of Athens and Dodecanese for the island's pragmatic reinforcement. Such as equipping the health center of Kastellorizo with respirators and other cardiology apparatuses, furnishing the local school, and donating to the Municipality a symbolic amount of money. Mr. Kavvathas expressed the business community's willingness to support the island, noting that they side with the Committee.

The President of the Committee welcomed these initiatives and the willingness to support the island and noted that there are many other opportunities for steps in this direction, such as through the financing of the proposals submitted to the Committee "Greece 2021" by the island, proposals that will be a wellspring for further development in the area.