Visit to Preveza by a delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021"

Visit to Preveza by a delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021"

• Preveza prepares to celebrate the 200th anniversary of the Revolution looking firmly at the future

• Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki: "We will proceed with the same perseverance in the third century of modern Greece"

• Visit to the rock of Zaloggos, the site of the legend of the Souliot women which shaped the national conscience of the Greek people

The delegation of the Committee "Greece 2021" visited Preveza, a historic place that stands in a uniquely strategic spot, a passage from the Ionian Sea to the Gulf of Amvrakikos and from Akarnania to Epirus. The city is preparing to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Revolution, looking firmly at the future. The Committee delegation consisted of President Gianna Angelopoulos-Daskalaki and the Member of the Assembly, Professor Nikos Kanellopoulos.

"In 2021, on our national birthday, we will celebrate together the journey we have made so far. A journey at times difficult. A journey, however, unique and exciting. We're going to recount everything we have accomplished. We will learn from our mistakes and defeats. And with a better understanding of our identity, we will proceed with the same perseverance in the third century of modern Greece," said the President of the Committee.

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2021 as a passage from the past into the future

The Mayor of Preveza, Nikos Georgakos, welcomed the delegation to the city and said in his statement: "Preveza is a passage. And this is what we are asked to prepare for the 200th anniversary of the Greek Revolution. A passage from the past to the present and a passage from the present to the future. We will continue to work with the Committee to ensure the success of next year's anniversary, which is undeniable."

The Committee delegation also met with the Deputy Mayor of Parga Vassilis Gizas and the Deputy Mayor of Ziros Christos Dimos, in the presence of Regional Tourism Vice Governor of Epirus Stratos Ioannou. They discussed the proposals submitted by the Municipality of Preveza and the Municipality of Parga for the 200th anniversary with the local community's representatives.

It is underlined that the two Municipalities' proposals seek to honor the place and its history, as does the proposal for an Archive of the Fighters of 1821 and the scientific conference on the Souli-Parga-Fanari triangle. But also, proposals of a developmental nature, such as the proposal for marking and featuring historical paths, the creation of an augmented reality application that will help visitors of Parga learn about the history of the area and, lastly, a proposal to upgrade and improve the infrastructure at the Sacred Rock of Zaloggos and promote its history.

"Today, we saw a vibrant city here in Preveza. With the strong presence of young people. We met people who honor their past and, at the same time, are anxious and willing to leave a legacy for the future. The proposals submitted by the Municipality of Preveza and the Municipality of Parga to the Committee for the bicentennial aim precisely at this fact. To focus on the tradition and culture of the place. But also, to contribute to its development, progress, and prosperity", stressed the President of the Committee.

In his speech, Assembly Member Nikos Kanellopoulos insisted on the enormous benefits that the city will gain through thematic tourism, focusing on the history and sea sports activities. He stressed that collaboration with other municipalities could generate significant revenues for the area.

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Visit to the imposing rock of Zaloggos and the Holy Monastery of Aghios Dimitrios

A special moment of the tour was the visit to the Holy Monastery of Aghios Dimitrios located at the foot of the historic rock of Zaloggos, in the presence of The Metropolitan Bishop of the Holy Metropolis of Nikopolis and Preveza Mr. Chrysostomos and the Mayor of Preveza. This important Monastery has a long history; it is the place where Kosmas Aitolos withdrew as a monk and died.

 "This place still echoes with the legend of the Suliot women and their unparalleled heroism that so strongly influenced the Greek Revolution. That nurtured the collective conscience and shaped the national narrative of the Greeks in the pre-revolutionary years, escalating the passion for freedom. The event moved the philhellenes worldwide and made Europe sympathetic towards the struggle of the revolutionaries, which would emerge a few years later," said the President of the Committee. On behalf of the Committee "Greece 2021", she expressed respect and admiration for the resilience and faith that the representatives of the Church showed when they sided with the common people. In his statement, Metropolitan Bishop Chrysostomos stressed that when the Greeks are united, they progress. He pointed out, in particular, the element of perseverance that characterizes a people that has been through a lot of adversity in the course of their history.

The Committee delegation was guided through the Monastery by Mother Superior Aikaterini, with whom they discussed the remarkable history of the Church. The President of the Committee congratulated Mother Superior and the nuns on their dedication to taking care of this historic Monastery. In the "archontariki" (parlor, reception hall) of the Church, the Committee delegation had an extensive discussion with the Metropolitan Bishop, the Mayor of Preveza and the nuns of the Monastery, and representatives of the local communities, on the anniversary projects for the 200th anniversary and the possibilities of development of the greater area.

Particular emphasis was placed on the need to develop alternative methods of tourism like "experiential tourism" since important ancient monuments such as Nikopolis and Kassope are found in the area, besides Zaloggos. The importance of developing collaborations with other municipalities to this effect was also emphasized.

 Lastly, the Metropolitan Bishop and the Mother Superior presented the President and the Committee delegation with gifts, an icon created by the nuns, books, local products, and bookmarks made from flowers and plants found in the grounds of the Monastery.

It is also noted that during the tour in Preveza, the Committee delegation visited the famous Seitan Bazaar (Devil's Bazaar) as well as the Androutsos Square, where the statue of the hero of the Revolution, Odysseus Androutsos, is located.