“THALATTA-THALATTA” – Songs of the sea 1821 - 2021

“THALATTA-THALATTA” – Songs of the sea 1821 - 2021

- On Sunday, July 18, the "Greece 2021" Committee presents the fourth part in the series of the anniversary podcasts "200 YEARS IN PIECES" by Dionysis Savvopoulos

The fourth podcast of the series, "200 YEARS IN PIECES," is entitled "THALATTA-THALATTA – Songs of the sea 1821-2021." On Sunday, July 18, 2021, at noon, it will be available on the Committee's website at the link https://www.greece2021.gr/ta-podcast-tis-epitropis-ellada-2021.html, on Spotify, and also at the www.lifo.gr website.

Dionysis Savvopoulos introduces marine songs, tells sea stories, chooses poems about little sailors and traveling sails. He gives his own interpretation of the "point" that became the subject of controversy in "Perigiali to kryfo." In "THALATTA – THALATTA," we will listen to: Andreas Empirikos, Dinos Christianopoulos, Petros Morozinis, Alexandros Papadiamantis, Vasilis Tsitsanis, Mikis Theodorakis, Giorgos Batis, Bayanderas, and many more.

In the podcast, Savvopoulos includes a rare recording, the epic ballad of the 11th – 12th century "Dying little sailor," which is sung even today in our islands on occasion. It is a long song that carries 700-800 years on its back and belongs to a particular category of traditional songs, the famous "paraloges" (fables). "Paraloges" (fables) is considered by many to be among the most important artistic creations of the Greek people.

In the context of the projects and events for the 200 years after the Greek Revolution, the "Greece 2021" Committee presents a series of commemorative podcasts with Dionysis Savvopoulos, dedicated to the 200 years of Greek song.

In these podcasts, Dionysis Savvopoulos collaborates with musicologist Professor Lambros Liavas, journalist, collector, researcher Giorgos Kontogiannis, and painter Alexis Kyritsopoulos.

The above-stated project is a contribution by the "Greece 2021" Committee. The Committee does not receive State funding. Its proceeds come exclusively from sponsorships and its Numismatic Programme, which includes 14 collector coins available through its e-shop at shop.greece2021.gr, which should all acquire.

Annotation: "Thalatta-Thalatta" (The Sea, The Sea) is the joyous cry of the 10,000 Greek mercenary soldiers when they finally saw the Black Sea on their return home after having fought on Cyrus the Younger's side in his expedition to claim the Persian throne in 401 BC. Xenophon mentions it in his "Anabasis," an account of the expedition.