The "Greece 2021" Committee's anniversary project Desire for Freedom in an augmented reality digital application (AR App)

The "Greece 2021" Committee's anniversary project Desire for Freedom in an augmented reality digital application (AR App)

On June 12 and 13, 2021, the Greek Revolution "came alive" all over Greece in the context of the "Greece 2021" Committee's project Desire for Freedom: a visualized narration of the Struggle of 1821 was projected on the facades of emblematic buildings in 18 cities, using works of art in a projection mapping technique presentation. The innovation of this project lies both in its content and the enormous scale of its application, which was attempted for the first time on an international level.

Today, the homonymous application (app) of the artistic narrative Desire for Freedom, utilizing augmented reality technology, offers the ability of the digital reproduction of the project on the mobile phones and tablets of the residents and visitors in the 18 cities. The users can install the free app on their device, and by turning the camera towards the façade of the building, they can watch the projection on their screens, as if it is taking place at that very moment.

The cities which participated in the project are Athens (the Hellenic Parliament building), Alexandroupolis (Zarifeios Pedagogical Academy), Heraklion (the building of the Region of Crete), Thessaloniki (Royal Theatre), Ioannina (Judicial Hall), Kalamata (Visual Arts Workshop - Art Center), Corfu (Old Town Hall), Lamia (Municipal Theatre), Larissa (Club of Guard Officers), Messolonghi (Municipal Gallery), Naoussa (Town Hall), Nafplio (Town Hall), Piraeus (Municipal Theater of Piraeus), Rhodes (Town Hall), Syros (Apollo Theatre), Tripoli (Judicial Hall), Chania (Mikis Theodorakis Theatre), and Chios (Castle Wall - Porta Maggiore).

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The content of the application, available in Greek and English, will include, in addition to the Desire for Freedom project, the website of the relevant local Municipality, and information on cultural events in the city and by the "Greece 2021" Committee. In addition, the application users have the opportunity to participate in the Committee's Numismatic Programme and contribute to reinforcing fire-stricken areas and disaster recovery plans.

The artistic narrative "Desire for Freedom," its method of development and technical adaptation on the 18 buildings, as well as the application of augmented reality, were executed by the Laboratory of Transformable Intelligent Environments (TUC TIE Lab) of the School of Architecture of the Technical University of Crete.

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